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Renaissance Man Productions

is a Los Angeles based production company

founded by Director/ Writer / Producer Cory Reeder.

RMP is a full-service production company comprised of professional artists who are passionate about their craft. Our network of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and more are capable of bringing cinematic stories whether your budget is for a feature film or social media campaign.

We strive to create engaging stories and content while offering production opportunities to underrepresented individuals. We believe our brand of production creates an ethical currency that elevates both the creative process and final work. 

Our music video and film productions have been awarded and nominated several times for Best Direction, Production, Editing, Acting, Audience Favorite, and more. This success has helped our work to screen in more than 100 film festivals and accumulate a billion views online. 




Our work


Renaissance Man Productions

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

Palm Springs

Tel: 323-596-1767

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